Rhino 3D

Rhinoceros 4 is the latest version of a very popular CAD/CAM/CAE stand-alone application designed for NURBS-based 3D modelling. Rhino's increasing popularity is based on its diversity, multi-disciplinary functions, low learning-curve, relatively low cost, and its ability to import and export many different file formats. While the previous version of this software Rino 3.0 was pretty good, the Rhino 4.0 pretends to be the number one in modelling tools with new revolutionary features and enhancements.

Rhino 4 New Features:
  • full history of object editing
  • new Rhinoscript
  • new 2D drawing/drafting commands and enhancements; new options of reference bitmaps manipulation
  • new editing technology (UDT - Universal Deformation Technology) for free-form deformation of all geometry types, including Cage Tools - a new way to deform objects using another object's control points
  • major enhancements of Blend functionality, thanks to G-Infinity technology
  • SPLOP technology - allows to apply the model to another one as a 3D projection with dimension and ratio preservation or as a space morphing of the primary model (SPORPH technology)
  • completely re-build user interface with new icons and new possibilities of settings customization
  • multi-language support (including Polish help and PDF documentation)
  • major compatibility enhancements taking advantage of the latest professional graphic card technology; new advanced display modes, Real Time Rendering
  • major speed and rendering improvements thanks to the built-in rendering engine