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Aluminum CNC MCut milling cutters are inexpensive alternative to steel machines. That's why they are chosen by advertising agencies for DIBOND and plexiglass treatment. Low cost and high efficiency allow to get fast return on investment.
The independent microprocessor controller is parsing with the advance vectors of the tool path trajectory which allows to perform optimal dynamic control of the movement of all machine axis. This reduces processing time to an absolute minimum
CNC Control System which is in fact an independent electronic controller with control software enabling the creation and editing of the tool path are Coner proprietary solutions. This allows us to provide our free software upgrades for all of our customers and significantly reduce the service time. Constant development and implementation of the latest CNC solutions provides our customers a seamless, efficient work throughout the whole lifetime of the machine.

Aluminium table construction with steel legs. Reinforced aluminium gantry.
Table top:
Aluminium T-groove table with vacuum option.
Linear guides XYZ:
Precise trapezoid rail guide with ball bearings.
Stepper motors or digital servos.
Drive transmission:
Drive transmission in X, Y axis based on rack and pinions; Z axis - ball screw
Positioning accuracy:
below 0.1 mm.
below 0.1 mm.
8.000 mm/min (20.000 mm/min - servo)
Supported files:
Communication with PC:
USB port
Main safety switch and three limit switches located on every axis

Model Mcut1010 Mcut1015 Mcut1520 Mcut2030
Working area YxX 1000x1000 mm 1000x1500 mm 1500x2000 mm 2000x3000 mm
Z axis range 150 mm