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SoftCUT Control Software

Hardware Requirements:
  • Minimum: Pentium, 256 MB Ram, Windows XP/ Vista
Basic Functions:
  • HPGL and DXF file format support - 2D projects (more details)
  • RAW file format support - 3D projects (more details)
  • Automatic objects merging, and figures lines ofintersection determining (more details)
  • Cutting figures with simultaneously segements assigned (more details)
  • Foam cutters manual controling for X and Y axes (more details)
  • Table rotation manual controling
  • Possibility of defining different proccesing configurations (more details)
  • Resistant component usage warning system
  • Cut simulation and preview (watch the movie)
  • Projects scaling
  • Duplicating project (more details)
  • Cutting mode "perspective" (more details)
  • Irregular solids of revolution (3D) creation using cutting projects - possibility of loading drawings with rotation's angle definition between particular profiles cutting (more details)
  • 3D project preview (more details)
  • The ability to continue the cutting process after the cutting wire has been severed
Additional Software:
  • Any program with HPGL or DXF files export function (f.eg. CorelDraw or AutoCAD)
  • 3D modelling application (f.eg. Rhino3D, MadCam)

Main window

Manual control


Material parameters



3D project

3D preview

Colour palette


RAW project preview